Roadside Rescue Towing Service 
         Centrally Located In Historic Downtown Augusta 
    Efficient "on time" Service to Georgia Carolina Since 1991
      Call-Text: 706.651.0622*
 Why Settle For Any Ole Service From Any Ole wrecker  driver From Any Ole Cookie Cutter Towing Company? 
Demand Professional On Time Assistance From An Established Local Company.... One Call To One Person.. Start To Finish.. Every Time!

Roadside Rescue is a towing and wrecker service only. We specialize in giving you experienced personalized service for you and your vehicle! 

   I will work with you personally.. for a hands on.. one on one experience with my company.    
 We do business the old fashioned way, from start to finish.  
 Our service department consist of our own family members, people who actually have a stake in our operation as well as our reputation,
not just hired help... here today and gone tomorrow.  You do not deserve that level of service so we do not take that risk.
   Our reputation was built by the satisfaction of our customers, and the countless, much appreciated referrals over the years.
  Our Family towing service has provided fast wrecker service at a great price to generations of
 families around The Georgia/South Carolina Area Since 1991!  
  We offer personalized, owner operated towing service at a Fair Price! 
  We serve the public, all dealerships, private repair shops or we will tow you to any destination of your choosing.
  Our company is an independent towing - wrecker service, you choose your shop or destination or we will gladly refer you to one of our reputable honest  shops we proudly serve daily in the C.S.R.A !   Our customers are #1.  
 We treat our customers and friends like family because that's exactly what we would want for ourselves and our family members should we have trouble!   
We DO NOT tow impounds.. "Repos" or illegally parked vehicles! We are a public friendly towing company and do not seek or participate in such business.  
 We will ONLY tow your vehicle at your request.

  Roadside Rescue towing & wrecker service.. Continuously providing Personalized service at a Fair Price to generations of folks in the Georgia/South Carolina area since 1991!    Call our office for a tow truck near you now... chances are we have a wrecker near you.
                  Demand the Service you deserve!  Never Settle For Less! 
                    Roadside Rescue... Your Hometown Towing Service 
                                                 Sincerely my pleasure!      
                                                   George Shackelford                                           

                 Family Owned & Operated Since Day 1
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